Cokes and Oreos

Organics and Oreos

July 23, 2020

We know you love to eat healthy and clean, most of the time. So why not treat yourself every now and then? When I think of guilty pleasures my first thought is something sweet or a cold soda. If you think the same way, you’re in luck! GreenWise now sells Coke products and Oreos. That’s right. Coke and Oreos! Now don’t worry, there are still PLENTY of opportunities to eat healthy at GreenWise. But a...

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Truffle Oil Fries

Happy Olive Truffle Oil Fries

July 7, 2020

I recently purchased the Mini Truffle Trio from The Happy Olive and I have been obsessed ever since! Every time I walk into the store I’m greeted with a yummy…

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